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Engaging Visual Content

for Real Estate & Businesses



At Lightcrest, we take the photo editing process very seriously. We understand that every home resonates differently with potential buyers, so it's important to have photos that truly capture each property's unique ambiance. Each of our photos consists of multiple images at varying exposures. Then using a combination of HDR, luminosity masks, and layers, we are able to achieve a highly polished and professional look that will assure your listing captures the eye of potential buyers.


High Quality, Low Cost

At LIGHTCREST, quality is our number one concern. We'RE ALL ABOUT PROVIDING high-end IMAGES at Affordable prices.



Our silky smooth HD video tours give your listings an immersive quality that allows clients to remotely walk through your home, restaurant, office, or warehouse. Video tours include a slideshow of exterior photographs, a stabilized walking tour of the residence, and royalty-free music that accentuates the visual experience. As more buyers conduct their research remotely, it's becoming essential to incorporate video into your marketing plan. 


Extensive Coverage

We have clients as far north as Battle ground all the way down to Wilsonville. No matter the location we are happy to ACCOMMODATE you! 



Sometimes listings need to be up in a hurry. At Lightcrest, we understand the importance of getting things done in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. Our turnaround time for photos is 24 hours, and 48-hours for videos. Need something changed? No problem, we offer up to one set of revisions free of charge. Rush orders are also available upon request. For more information check out our pricing sheet.